Transactional Services

At Tiagha & Associates, we are at our best in long term engagements because we are most effective when our lawyers have an in depth understanding of your business concern, its management team and its plan for growth. That is where your investment in us pays the greatest dividend. However, if you need us on a specific transaction, be it a merger into another business or an purchase of a business asset or a real estate portfolio, the negotiation of a license agreement or a commercial loan, the registration of a federal trademark or the strategy on how to approach a government contracting opportunity, you will find a sure hand with one of our fine lawyers.

We picked our legal team based on their legal training pedigree, their keen intellect and/or deep experience and for each transaction, we bring the sum of those skills to bear for you, our client. For the Tiagha & Associates difference, call us today at +1.215.543.7970 or email us at