William S. Ravenell, II

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Practice areasCorporate, Immigration*, Real Estate 
Desk: Asia Pacific

Mr. Ravenell earned his J.D. degree from the Temple Beasley school of Law in May of 2012.  Mr. Ravenell serves  Tiagha & Associates as an associate in our corporate practice.

Prior to Law School Mr. Ravenell earned an MA degree from Cornell University in 2009.  He studied in the Asian literature department under Professor Naoki Sakai focusing on intellectual history, nationalism, and the intersection of African American intellectual thought and Japan’s rapid modernization in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Mr. Ravenell worked in Hiroshima Japan from 2002 until 2007 as lead teacher for the ECC English language school and managed the text emendation division in the English Language department of Hiroshima Daigaku University.

During the course of law school, he worked for the Nationalities Service Center assisting immigrants in deportation defense, naturalization, and assorted immigration issues.  In addition, he volunteered as a tax associate intern for VITA and served as Senior Writer for Prima Facie, the Temple Beasley School of Law Newspaper where he published an article on the effect of anti-immigration legislation on the U.S. Economy.

Mr. Ravenell also worked as a summer associate for Goldblum and Hess during law school and received experience in the preparation of EB visas, O visas and business immigration matters.  Mr. Ravenell also served as a law clerk in the Municipal Court for the Honorable Craig T. Washington where he researched and prepared memorandum on sixth amendment, consumer law, and landlord-tenant issues.

Mr. Ravenell earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia.  He served as an active member of Trinity Episcopal Church’s search committee and youth group and was an assistant instructor in the Inner Stairway martial arts youth division and the Three Emperors Kung Fu school of Chinese health and physical culture.

*Practice Coordinator