Rebuttal of Proposed Debarment by US Army

We represent an Afghanistan company that has served as a contractor for the United States government since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2002. In November 2011, the client received notice of proposed debarment from the United States Department of Defense on 11 separate counts involving 34 incidents. Client had 30 days to respond to proposed debarment notice. Our corporate department devised and implemented a successful legal, public relations, and information technology strategy to tackle the proposed debarment. We coordinated and managed fact gathering from three continents, outside counsel and the timely submission of the written response. Client prevailed in spite of two separate government agencies submitting two additional reports to supplement initial allegations after client’s written submission. Client is allowed to resume doing business with its principal client, the US government.


The Department of Army refiled a proposed debarment against the same client mere few weeks after the first successful rebuttal. In its surrebuttal, the Department of the Army supplemented the record voluminously provided almost 30 times the amount of evidence provided in the first proposed debarment. We prevailed again.

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