Value Creation: Alternative Fee Arrangements

Market conditions and commonsense are leading clients seeking legal services to move away from billable hour arrangements to alternative fee arrangements. This is particularly the case when the outcome of the engagement is uncertain.  Alternate Fee Arrangements or A.F.A.s have been our default fee structure since we opened our doors.  At Tiagha & Associates, we readily negotiate contingent fee, fixed fee, flat fee and bonus arrangements so that we share the burden of more risky engagements. This fee structure is also attractive to those clients seeking business development or business litigation services.

Case Studies: Problems Solved

“Forget about style; worry about results.” ~ Bobby Orr, NHL Hockey Pantheon Member. Follow Mr. Orr’s advice, check out our team’s wins.

Risk Management: Consultations

The way you start off a legal engagement often dictates how you finish. This requires our lawyers to take our time in the initial meetings to establish trust and transparency because by visiting us, we are keenly aware of how important and sensitive your issue is to you. We always take the time to listen. It affords us the opportunity to tease out the most salient issues critical to our representation and to determine the practical viability of your matter. Listening to you should not be a distinguishing factor but it is and we like it that way. Call us today at +1.215.543.7970  or email us at to find out the Tiagha & Associates difference.

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