International Business Transactions

Team Members: Johann R. Cornielle†, Joyce E. KohSamantha R. LyonsKahiga A. Tiagha

At Tiagha and Associates, our core skill is assisting entrepreneurs and business people who are looking for opportunities in emerging markets. While emerging markets represent the greatest growth areas in the world, oftentimes they are incredibly risky. Smart business people know you need a sure guide to walk you into the country and orient you to the way business is done in those environments.  We have the proven ability to do that.

For our lawyers, international is a mind set and a way of life. Collectively, our lawyers have lived, schooled and worked abroad on five continents.  Practically, this means we complement our technical ability with cultural competence, which is one of the essential ingredients in getting the deal done in international business. Furthermore, due to our expansive global network, we strive to put you in touch with the right person in any sector in any country in the world within 48 hours. We excel at connecting the dots for you, our clients, so that you can focus on developing your business interests  Some of our representations include:

- Opening South Sudan to oil and gas and logistics client who currently has an operating going concern in Juba;

- Partnering client with leading insurance group in Kenya to supply fire safety equipment;

- Providing solution to provide technical advice to reinforce the roofs of fuel tanks in Afghanistan;

- Bringing experts to advise on the construction of a rolling refinery in Uzbekistan;

- Facilitating payment of invoice in excess of of $200 million for delivery of jet fuel by successfully rebutting proposed debarment by United Stated Department of the Army

- Lead counsel in negotiating development of 250+ hectare parcel in a major Nigerian city

- Special counsel brought into strategize with foreign local counsel to push back a hostile and illegal takeover of an operating and lucrative commercial property in Nigeria

- Devised and implemented strategy to rebut negative press coverage of client by Associated Press

Tiagha & Associates is positioned strongest on the African continent where our relationships are both deep and broad. From our strongest professional relationships in the African business hubs such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Clients have retained us for  some of the following services: government contracts, international trade, U.S. Government Relations, infrastructure development  and selecting local counsel.

For a sure hand to handle your international business needs today, call us at 215.543.7970 or email Mr. Cornielle at  or Mr. Tiagha at

† International Business Transactions, Co-Chair